Loch Neaton Fishing Rules

All anglers must be in possession of a current UK Nation Rod Licence as well as a Loch Neaton Fishing Permit

  1. All persons fish at their own risk and the Trustees cannot accept responsibility for damage or loss of tackle or personal possessions.
  2. Only Barbless Hooks may be used
  3. A maximum of two rods at a time may be used and lines must have a minimum breaking strain of 8lb (3.7 Kg)
  4. Landing nets must have a minimum diameter of 18” (46cm) and an unhooking mat must be used.
  5. All fish are to be returned to the water unharmed. Season ticket holders may use a keep net while they are fishing but care should be taken not to harm the fish.
  6. No live baiting is allowed. Smelts and mackerel dead bait is permitted.
  7. Lead weights and lead shot are banned from Loch Neaton
  8. Spinning, syringes, lures, nuts and shelf life boilies are not allowed.
  9. The whole Loch may be fished with the exception of the wall (Loch Lane) end that is too shallow.

Anglers are required to respect other Loch users and place their litter in the bins provided. Loch Neaton does not permit fires or barbeques for safety reasons. 

Fishing permits may be revoked with no refund if users are found to be breaking the rules.

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